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What are Antonyms?

Answering the what are antonyms question is quite easy and, then again, not so easy. In a word, antonyms are opposites.

But depending on the situation one opposite might not be the appropriate opposite.

What do I mean?

Well, let's use an example to illustrate. Take the word 'right.' It's antonym is left, right? No, it's wrong! Yes, that's right! No, it's left! Do you see what I'm getting at?

So, depending on the situation and the circumstance in the which the antonym is to be used, there may be more than one possible way to answer the question as to what are antonyms?

The most basic and simple ones are those antonyms that are strictly opposites such as yes - no, black - white, and up - down.

Then there are those antonyms that are opposites but leave room for error according to usage.

For example, young - old are opposites but so is new - old, or fresh - old, especially when it comes to bread... so you can see there are times when the question what are antonyms isn't always easy to answer.

Whether easy or not it doesn't matter because the above has given you enough information to answer your question as to what are antonyms?

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