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As the name implies, synonyms are words that mean the same or have similar meanings in context.

The word synonym itself comes from the Greek language and is made up of the prefix 'syn' meaning together with, or same, and the root 'onyma', or 'onoma', meaning


Synonyms are used in a variety of situations not only for variety, but to express thoughts or ideas in another, often more emphatic manner.

One place where the use of a synonym is a must is in writing when an item or idea must be repeated to the reader.

Instead of using the same word over and over, the use of synonyms make for a more entertaining read.

Another use of synonyms in English is when we want to express something unpleasant and we choose a word which may make the difficult news a little easier to bear.

Additionally, we sometimes use a synonym when we are trying not to upset anyone by speaking in a politically correct, polite, or inoffensive manner.

When speaking or writing in such a manner, the synonym we use may also be called a 'euphemisism.' Euphemism comes from the Greek prefix 'eu' meaning good and 'phemos' from phonai meaning to speak.

In recent years this trend has gotten to the point where we sometimes speak pure nonsense in an attempt to be unoffensive to any individual or group.

The use of synonyms in a euphemistic manner are especially found in the field of education. 'Failure' has been replaced by 'substandard achievement' so that the word and -- by extension -- the concept of failure has been all but lost.

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