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Synonyms for Abstinence

abstemiousness, frugality, self-denial, sobriety, continence, moderation, self-restraint, temperance, fasting, self-control

Synonyms for abstinence usually signify going, or doing, without.

For example, abstemiousness, means partaking moderately while abstinence may be for a single occasion.

Abstemiousness is habitual moderation.

Self-denial is giving up what one wishes; abstinence may be refraining from what one does not desire.

Fasting is abstinence from food for a limited time, and generally for religious reasons. Sobriety and temperance signify maintaining a quiet, even temper by moderate indulgence in some things, complete abstinence from others.

We speak of temperance in eating, but of abstinence from vice. Total abstinence has come to signify the entire abstaining from intoxicating liquors.

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Antonyms for Abstinence

drunkenness, greed, reveling, sensuality, excess, intemperance, revelry, wantonness, gluttony, intoxication, self-indulgence

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