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Homophones are words that sound the same but are usually spelled differently. They also have different meanings. Words like war (fighting between countries) and wore (past tense of wear) are examples of homophones.

When spelled the same they are also homonyms and homographs.

The word homophone comes from combining the Greek prefix homo (χομο) meaning "same" and suffix phone (φωνί) meaning "sound." So the spelling may be different but the sound is the same in homophones.

Some common homophones are listed below.

allowed - permitted
aloud - spoken

bald - hairless
bawled - cried aloud

capital - most important
capitol - center of government

discussed - talked about
disgust - sickening

earn - to deserve through effort
urn - a jar

fair - even-handed, just
fare - payment

halve - break or split in two
have - to hold in possession

idle - not working, stationary
idol - object of worship

juggler - one who juggles
jugular - artery in neck

knew - past tense of know
new - not old, unused

lay - to recline
lei - a flower necklace

marry - to wed, join in matrimony
merry - happy

naval - pertaining to ships and the sea
navel - pertaining to the belly button

or - as in either or
ore - mineral-laden earth

paced - measured by footsteps
paste - thick sauce or glue

rain - precipitation
reign - sovereign rule

sail - wind powered water travel
sale - the act of selling

taught - past tense of teach
taut - pulled or stretched tight

vary - to change, alter
very - extremely, greatly

wood - what trees are made of
would - will do

yore - the past
your - belonging to you
you're - contraction of "you are"

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